Seamless Hotel Stays


SMARTHOTEL users benefit from a faster check-in and
can skip the queue entirely with our Smart Check-out.

Using the latest technology, Smarthotel offers the most seamless pre- and post-stay hotel experience for business travelers, including intelligent and secure mobile payments as well as digital invoices sent directly to your inbox.

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Faster check-in/out:

Benefit from pre-filled registration forms and skip
the front desk with our
Smart Check-out

Secure Payment:

Use the Smart Check-out
to pay online, securely and
from any device

Digital Invoice:

Avoid the hassle of paper invoices and receive them directly in your email inbox



How it works:


Book a Smarthotel

Book a SMARTHOTEL, i.e. via


You’ll receive an email to submit your details prior to arrival

Smart Check in/out

Sign the pre-filled registration form at arrival and skip the front desk with
Smart Check-out

Intelligent Payment

Fully digital and secure mobile payment

Digital invoicing

Via secure and compliant mobile payment



What SMARTHOTEL users say:


Great if you want to save time and skip the queue at hotel front desk, the best feature is the Smart Check-out including payment! €

Julia, corporate traveler


My employer recently introduced this service and it has been a great time-saver. I love receiving the correct invoice directly in my inbox. €

David, frequent traveler



Are you in a SMARTHOTEL?
Would you like to use the Smart Check-out?


Step one, select your SMARTHOTEL:


Step two, dowload the conichi app:


Once downloaded, register in our app and submit your personal details to continue with the Smart Check-out!