Redefining Business Hotel Stays

conichi’s Smarthotels are a global network of innovative, secure business hotels.

Certified Smarthotels guarantee business travelers a fully digital arrival and departure process, for a modern, secure and seamless stay.

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Online Smarthotel Training

The Smarthotel Training will bring you and your employees up to speed with the Smarthotel Solution. You will be given important information and step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the Smarthotel Solution to its fullest.

Please make sure that as many employees as possible are present during the training.

Please select your preferred date for the Smarthotel Training here:

Initial 60 - 90 minutes:

Necessary Participants:
Project owners and hotel managers

- We will unpack your Smartbox together
- General Smarthotel Training e.g. How the HRS App works (Staff and Guest Perspective)
- Practical exercises 
- Role-playing games

Subsequent approx. 30 minutes: 

Necessary Participants: Project owner, reception manager and/or hotel manager (if possible, marketing personnel too)

- Cash Flow/Transactions
- Open round of questions
- Discussion of marketing measures
- Training Videos

Trainings Videos

Managers: Please be sure to share the video with your team in preparation for the Smarthotel Training: This video will provide you with an insight into how the solution will function from the guest and employee perspective.