Redefining Business Hotel Stays

conichi’s Smarthotels are a global network of innovative, secure business hotels.

Certified Smarthotels guarantee business travelers a fully digital arrival and departure process, for a modern, secure and seamless stay.

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Your personal onboarding journey

In order for you to begin using the Smarthotel service as soon as possible, review the timeline below and complete the action points mentioned. Please review the entire document before you begin.

Prior to the Smarthotel training session:

1  Onboarding Form and SumUp Verification

Please fill in the Smarthotel Onboarding Form & SumUp Verification within the next 5 days.

Please ensure the following information and documents are readily available to you: 

- Digital copy (scan) of the managing director’s ID card (front and back)
- Letterhead (that features the managing director and your banking details)
- Account statement (data file): we solely need to inspect your name, IBAN, BIC, and issuing date (not older than 6 months), confidential transactional information can be truncated. 

SumUp is an authorized payment institution that operates in compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines.

Please click on the following link to access the form:

Onboarding Form

2  Smarthotel Training - choose an appointment

Please schedule an appointment with us to set up your personalized Smarthotel training. Book your Smarthotel Training session here:

Schedule Smarthotel Training

3  SMC – Smarthotel Merchant Center

Please note; within the next couple of days we will send you an email containing your login details to set up the SMC. In addition, you will find instructions for setting up the SMC here.
The SMC is your hotel's own backend, where you can add your checkout items, such as minibar items, or customize the registration form to your hotel. Please note that the SMC must be set up prior to the training session.

4  Mailing the Smartbox

Soon you will receive a package from us! It will contain your virtual payment terminal, in the form of an iPad and additional items. 

If you purchased the iPad from us, you will receive set-up instructions with your Smartbox. Keep the other contents within Smartbox safe, we will go through the contents together during your onboarding session.

5  “Mobile Payment” as a payment method

In order for your guests to be able to perform a digital check out, please create the payment method ‘mobile payment’ in your PMS or ask your provider to assist you. ‘Mobile payment’ has to be set up as a payment method such as ‘Mastercard’ or ‘cash’ for example, and not as a debtor. It is essential that you set up this payment method prior to the Smarthotel training.

6  Smarthotel training

Now it is time for your Smarthotel training. The training usually lasts around two hours.

You and your employees will be brought up to speed with the Smarthotel solution. You will be given important information and step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the Smarthotel solution to its fullest.

7.1  Going live - Hotel

After the successful Smarthotel training session you will be marked as a Smarthotel across all our partner booking platforms. You will then receive a “LIVE” email from us, indicating you are fully up and running!

7.2  Going live - Corporates

As a corporate contractual partner, you will be informed when our Smarthotel services are being activated for your corporate partner’s travelers. You will receive an email with the subject heading “Corporate Kick-Off email”. From that day on, your corporate partner’s travelers will be able to use the Smart Check-in/out service at your property.

Useful documents:
SMC setup
Invoice handling
Registration form handling
Marketing Initiatives
SumUp instructions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Smarthotel support team at or you can drop us a call at +49 30 208 989 411; we’re available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.