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Invoice handling

As a Smarthotel you have the ability to charge the guest on arrival for their room night fees and once again on the day of departure for any additional ancillaries. The credit card details are submitted by the guest when they complete the online Smart check-in/out. Any extra services consumed by the guest can only be charged at check-out.

Please decide when to charge the room night fee at either check-in or check-out in accordance with the hotel's internal policies.

Please note that it is essential to have ‘Mobile Payment’ as a payment method in your PMS.
Mobile Payment must be created as a payment method in the same way you have ‘Mastercard’, ‘Visa’ or ‘Cash’ for example - and not as a debtor (this step will only be created once, and not for each payment).

1. Workflow

The arrival of the guest:

Step 1: Ask the guest if he/she would like to pay with the payment method: Mobile Payment. If two credit cards have been submitted please confirm with the guest with which credit card they would like to settle their bill.

Step 2: 100% of the accommodation costs will be debited.
Attention: if applicable, please ensure the correct City Tax amount is entered.

Step 3: Both the guest and hotel will receive an email with a payment confirmation, this is the transaction receipt. The amount charged must be recorded in the PMS with the payment method “Mobile Payment”.
The payment confirmation “Hotel Beacons GmbH” can be attached to the PMS invoice as a backup.

The departure of the guest:

Step 1: If the overnight stay was not charged upon arrival, please debit the credit card for the overnight fees. Additionally, please charge any extra costs you see are outstanding within the PMS.

Step 2: The guest and hotel will receive another transaction confirmation in the form of an email.

Step 3: The amount must be recorded accurately in the PMS with the payment method "Mobile Payment". The payment confirmation "Hotel Beacons GmbH" can be attached to the PMS invoice as a backup.

Step 4: Check the guest out of your PMS and within the Hotelier App.

As soon as the guest completes the online check-out, a notification written as "1" appears in the "Inbox" at the top right of the iPad. This is an indication the guest has departed the hotel and used the Smart Check-out.

Note: You can reprint the payment confirmation at any time for yourself or the guest by following these instructions:

SumUp Dashboard → Select your payments → Date of the debit → Apply filter → List of the amounts debited for the period → Click on "Receipt" on the right of the respective debit.

YOUR ADVANTAGE: You are able to perform the check-out until 4:00 PM on the day of departure, the check-out does not need to be performed as the guest departs the hotel. The check-out can happen from a place of your choosing, i.e. you can also conveniently check out from the back office, should you wish.

However, you may want to check out the guest in your PMS as soon as possible so that the room is available for housekeeping and the next arriving guest.

2. Billing control

We recommend comparing the departed guests’ PMS invoices for the payment method "Mobile Payment" with the transaction list on the SumUp website either after each shift or during the night shift.

In order to do this, please open the SumUp page and log in with your access data and then follow these steps:

Your payments > Transactions > Select date > Export

This report can be sent daily to the accounting department together with the PMS invoices marked with the payment type "Mobile Payment".

3. Credit notes / Refunds

If a guest departs prematurely and you have already debited the amount for his entire stay on departure, or if you may require a chargeback for other reason, please follow these instructions:

SumUp Dashboard > Your payments > Select the date when the debit took place > Apply filter > List of the amounts debited for the period > For each debit, click REFUND on the right > Enter partial or total amount > REFUND

It will take between 2-3 days (4 days if there is a weekend in between) for the amount to be credited back to the guest’s credit card, if this is not the case, please contact our support team via

4. Monthly accounting procedure for the accounting department

During the first week of each month, you will receive the following overviews via email to the email address you entered during the Onboarding process (this email address can be amended at any time).

Invoice transaction fees:

The total amount (gross and net) of the transactions (with and without transaction fees) is listed.

Payout overview:

The payout overview lists all transactions that were transferred to us for the month in question.
Note: Some withdrawals transacted at the end of the month will be included within the following monthly payout overview, and additionally within the transaction fee overview).

In addition, at the end of the month you can also view a transaction overview of the previous month on the website of the payment provider "". You can, therefore, compare the PMS bookings with the payment method Mobile Payment and the actual debits made in the app:

Your payments > Transactions > Select date > EXPORT

IMPORTANT: On your bank statement the transfers are listed as ‘SumUp’.