What business travelers want from travel apps

The primary mission of technology is to make our life easier. This is especially true for travel related apps.

The primary mission of technology is to make our life easier. This is especially true for travel related apps. But in order to become really helpful for a modern traveler, an app must meet their top demands. So, what do business travelers actually want from apps?
A typical business traveler today is likely to use technology frequently and is aware of latest technology trends. Such people usually take at least one mobile device with them when going on a journey (some may even travel with their laptops but in most cases, a tablet would be a better alternative). Therefore, a really cool travel app would be one designed for a mobile platform. It should be supported by Android and Apple as these two platforms support the vast majority of mobile devices.

What features should a good travel app have? A business traveler has many specific needs. In order to find out which services are most popular today, we will explore the results of a recent study by Phocuswright, a US-based statistical company which specializes in travel, tourism and hospitality industry. The list containing 11 most demanded features is displayed on a diagram below:

We want mobile check-in!

Almost half of 1904 people surveyed wish they could deal with hotel check-in services via mobile. This makes sense, as many of us prefer to deal with as little bureaucracy as possible. Having a feature that shows the most popular sightseeing and activities in your city can be great for business travelers wishing to incorporate a little 'blesiure' into their trip. Being able to book a trip via an app would save a lot of time and effort for business travelers. Of course, you have the option of doing that through a hotel website, but a smart app with centralized management of all bookings would really bring some added value. In addition to this, travelers can book or change arrangements for their trip while on the go.

Customer-centric approach always

Many of the features on this list indicate travelers' need for better control over various hotel utilities: lights, doors, special booking options, ordering food and drinks. A hotel should have these services automated in such a way that allows guests to manage them via apps. But advanced hotels nowadays are working towards making their services automated following the 'smart house' trend, so requesting a cleaning service via a message or using your smartphone as a centralized control of all services inside your room is likely to become the standard in the near future.
Deliberate analysis of customer needs is a key requirement for successfully designing an application of high quality. We're now seeing a move towards apps that centralise the full travel experience - no one wants to have 10 different travel apps installed on their phone. We can look forward to apps that focus on personalisation, efficiency and integration in the near future!