Traveler centricity is key at ACTE New York City

Last week we were in NYC for ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives), the Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum.

Last week we were in NYC for ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives), the Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum. This event offers travel managers an invaluable opportunity to discover new methods and innovations that make their jobs easier. The event is also a platform for sharing and discussing challenges within the sector, and for working together to overcome these obstacles. This year’s focus was corporate travel in the year 2023 and staying ahead of the curve in a field with many opportunities.The momentum this year was fantastic - in previous years there was a lot of discussion around innovation and traveler centricity, whereas this year many experts attended to share their knowledge and give tangible directions for improvement. Travel managers shared how they plan to ace traveler centricity this year in order to tackle the hidden expenses that can come from a travel program that isn’t correctly tailored to the traveler. Maverick bookings are one persistent issue due to the growth of hospitality industry disruptors such as Airbnb. It’s more important than ever for travel managers to ensure that they’re offering travelers the best experiences and staying attentive to their needs. As a new innovation that focuses specifically on traveler centricity, we were able to offer suggestions as to how our solution can improve policy compliance. After a few intense days and conversations with people from the travel tech community, as well as attending the expert-led educational sessions that the event had to offer, we felt as though our visit to the event was very successful. The networking evening at the Novotel across the street from the Sheraton Times Square - where the conference was hosted - was a great opportunity to connect with leads and existing clients. The key takeaway from this year’s event was that boosting traveler centricity helps save money. By giving travelers a program that is tailored to their specific wants and needs, they are less likely to need to spend extra money or make maverick bookings. This helps drive efficiency and productivity on business trips, as travelers don’t need to spend time thinking about the logistics of their journey. A good travel management program means happier business travelers, more productive trips and overall higher employee satisfaction. This is especially important for international companies where frequent travel is a vital tool for innovation and development. ACTE New York City called attention to the role of traveler centricity in shaping the future of travel management and we’re excited to help drive this forward - see you soon, ACTE! Max & Lisa