Targeting GEN Y: Top 10 Travel Trends among Millennials

 Industry experts are now focussing their time and attention towards the former population as the population gap will only increase further in the coming years.

The time has finally arrived! The millennial population (which usually refers to those born between the 80's and the early 2000's) of 79 million has finally taken over the 76 million Generation X population; perhaps more commonly known as the Baby Boomers. Industry experts are now focussing their time and attention towards the former population as the population gap will only increase further in the coming years. It is of prime importance that the all industries look at the trends which are evolving amongst these individuals and implement them into their current and future business models. HVS has gathered 10 main trends which the travel industry should be aware of if it wants its business to flourish amongst this new generation.

1. We want it and we want it now!

No surprise here, as they are also commonly referred to as the Now Generation, this population seeks immediacy and flexibility, placing these elements high in their priorities. These individuals do not consider technology as a plus as they expect it but they certainly consider the lack of it as a minus if it is not available.If for whatever reasons you do not have an online presence you need to start thinking of changing your marketing strategy.

2. Information as it is created

They’re not called the Now Generation for nothing, millennials seek information instantly. Social media sites have contributed to this trend tremendously. It’s high time you get more involved in social media if you haven’t already.

3. Peer Review

With the average sources which a millennial will check before making a booking standing at 10.2, Tripadvisor and other review sites are the go to platforms for Gen Y. They are constantly checking these platforms so be aware and keep yours up-to-date!

4. Incredibly Social Creatures

This is true with regards to both their online and offline lives. A review written by one of these guys will easily reach not only immediate family and friends but has the potential of reaching 1000’s.

5. Booking Structure Habits

The world has seen a decrease in the booking window from 93 days to 75. They are used to making last minute, quick and impromptu decisions mainly due to all the previously mentioned trends. So if for whatever reason you’re not online, get online now!

6. “The Third Space”

In-room desks are something of the past as we discover that this generation, as more and more of them become business travellers, are more interested in having an alternative working area in a place separate from their room. Prepare a space in your coffee shop, they won’t be working in their rooms any longer.

7. The Bare Essentials

Simple: a clean bed and Wifi. Wifi. Wifi. Yes, in this day and age this is not just an amenity but indeed a requirement. And preferably a free one at that!

8. Authentic Local Experiences

These guys are not interested in the stereotypical holiday. They want to be integrated as deeply as possible with host communities throughout their travels. Also, the idea of meeting other millennials via accommodation for instance is also part of this trend.

9. The Ethical Traveller

Like no other, this generation are set on not only gaining an authentic experience but also in contributing to social causes. They consider their impacts as travellers as well as their social responsibilities as individuals with 77% of this generation believing that it is of ultimate importance to address matters they believe in.

10. Pod Hotels

This hotel room should come with high-tech state of the art gadgets which are one of the main in-room features millennials are looking for. Fun, useful gadgets and innovative in nature. Millennials love their high-tech gadgets and devices.
Everyone and anyone with a stake in the tourism industry, a word of advice: keep these trends in mind and do the right thing, target those millennials.

Based on the HVS Report (2013): TOP 10 Trends of the Next Generation of Travel: The Millennials