6 travel apps and tools you need on your next business trip

You may be quite confused and overwhelmed when you look at the millions of apps and tools that you can download via the App Store or Google Play Store. 

You may be quite confused and overwhelmed when you look at the millions of apps and tools that you can download via the App Store or Google Play Store. We selected the most important ones for the digital-savvy traveler.


When you are on the road, there are many things that you have to take care of and are likely to forget things. You need something that keeps you relaxed without worrying about missing your flight. TripIt is a travel agent that allows you to import your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, tickets for events and rental cars. The app will send you push notifications whenever there are any updates such as flight cancellations or gate announcements.

TripIt apps


conichi's Smarthotel

If you want your business trip to go smoother, conichi’s Smarthotel is the way to go. With Smarthotel, business travelers enjoy a fully digital hotel experience including a fast Smart check-in/out, secure digital payment process and digital invoicing. Thus, the service enables a hassle-free hotel stay without long waiting times.

conichi web apps


Being productive also means to be efficient. Business travelers who travel outside the EU have to deal with different currencies and therefore often experience bad exchange rates or have to pay fees when using a credit card in another country. If you are not careful, you can lose a lot of money whenever you make a transaction. With WeSwap you are not swapping your money with the bank but with other travelers and you are charged a commission that can be as low as 1%. A virtual debit card will be stored in the app that you can load with money before travel. There are up to 18 different currencies available.


Wifi Map

In order to get your work done on the road, WiFi is essential. But in some cities, it is still hard to find a fast and reliable internet connection. With Wifi Map, you have access to over 100 million free WiFis shown on a crowdsourced based map. Apart from that, the app offers useful tips and free downloads of offline maps and passwords before you travel.


Pack Point

Having trouble packing your bags? Pack Point will be your new best friend. Just type in your destination, duration of stay, date of your trip and some activities you are going to do, and it will comprise a list of things you should bring with you.

packpoint apps


This app shows you all the lounges at the airport you are at, including prices, opening hours, amenities and reviews. The airport lounge is a perfect place to work because you will find spacious seats and sofas, coffee and fast wifi. If you have to wait for the next flight, you can go to one of the airport lounges and focus on finishing your work.

Lounge Buddy Apps

As you can see from the list, there are various apps and tools out there that assist you during your trip. Make sure to inform yourself and download the right apps and tools, so your trip goes on without a problem!