The best christmas gifts for business travellers

Is your partner, spouse, child or sibling a frequent business traveller?

Is your partner, spouse, child or sibling a frequent business traveller? Or is it you and you are simply wanting to reward yourself for christmas and get something useful for your business trips around the globe? Here are four highly innovative products you should definitely take into consideration

ScotteVest’s OTG

Going on a short trip and you don’t want to take a bag with you? ScotteVest's OTG jacket can fit all your essential items and then some more. This medium-weight coat has two giant front pockets that are large enough to fit a tablet or even a very-thin laptop like a MacBook Air. On the inside, it has pockets for your glasses, phone, camera and anything else oft hat size that you might want to take with you. Best of all, you can run wires between the pockets so you can keep a power bank in one and have it charge your handset in the other.



The Tile is a very clever system of small squares which can be attached to valuable items. If you lose them, the Tile app on your smartphone will then guide you to recover them, so long as they’re only around ten meters away. If you lose your smartphone, press a Tile twice and the mobile will start ringing. You can also report an item stolen and if another Tile user finds it, they can let you know.


DataTraveler 2000

Ideal when security is key. If data has to be protected whilst on the move, no matter what, the USB memory stick from Kingston is what you are looking for. It contains an alphanumerical keypad that can lock the drive with a number or word.


Horizn cabin trolley:

They call it ‚the world’s smartest design luggage‘. Made out of durable nylon and high quality leather, you can safely stow away your laptop, files and gadgets in the front pocket. The trolley includes 360° wheels which are silent and shock resistant. It’s absolutely unique selling point are the two USB ports built into a removable battery that can charge phones up to 8 times. Simply the perfect add on for a business traveller that needs to be connected and reachable at all times. The big downside is that you can only preorder for February but it is definitely worth the wait.