Smart tech tips for hotels with corporate travelers

As everything around us becomes more automated, it seems unimaginable that just a few decades ago, all hotels had to be booked through a travel agent or a phone call. 

As everything around us becomes more automated, it seems unimaginable that just a few decades ago, all hotels had to be booked through a travel agent or a phone call. If your hotel breakfast was still half-frozen and you had to wait an hour for room service, there was no taking to Tripadvisor or Yelp to write an angry rant. You had no choice but to stand and wait in line to check in and out. These things would all be stressful for the modern business traveler on a tight schedule. Luckily, keeping these customers happy is now easier than ever thanks to modern technology - we’ve rounded up 4 things that will help you give your business travelers their dream hotel stay.

 1. Keep an eye on your reviews

For many working in the service industry, sites such as Tripadvisor or Yelp are a headache. Many customers will check reviews before deciding to purchase, so bad reviews can spell disaster. However, you can also use reviews as an opportunity to improve and show off good customer service. When responding to negative feedback, provide genuine responses that don’t sound too scripted and don’t try and defer the blame. Interacting with positive feedback is also advisable, although replying to everything could be time consuming so select carefully. Use your good reviews to monitor what’s working well and understand which services you should spend time promoting to guests.  You could also provide a quick feedback form via email after check-out if you wish to target business travelers who may be less inclined to spend time writing a full review.

 2.    Mobile check-in and out

Checking in and out can become a nightmare of long queues and extensive forms for business travelers who tend to arrive and leave at peak times. Remember that these guests love the convenience and easy access provided by their smartphones - let them check in and out from their phones, too! Mobile check-in and check-out technology allows them to skip the queue so all they have to do is sign or drop their key when they leave the hotel. conichi’s pre-check in also allows your guests to start the check-in process the day before, so they can fill everything out when the time and place is convenient for them. This helps free up your staff to be able to help customers with larger tasks.

  3.    Push notifications

We all know at least one person whose smartphone might as well be glued to their hand - if you don’t, it’s probably you. 90% of text messages are opened within just 3 minutes of being received (source), making them a highly effective way to engage with your guests. Business travelers have to keep up with everything going on in the office and with upcoming events so they are often on their phones - why not grab their attention there? Sending push notifications through your hotel app is another great method. Targeted messages can also help make guests aware of relevant promotions that they might otherwise not have bothered looking for, so you’re doing them a favour and saving them time, effort and money.

 4.    Mobile room key technology

Business travelers might travel around a lot during the day between meetings, lunches and so on. If they’ve got a physical room key and/or electricity key card, that’s two extra things to keep track of and keep checking their pockets for. Having the key on their smartphone using an app like conichi means that more of the things they need are in one place and it’s one less thing to worry about. Smart technology like this can also be a talking point for guests and hotel staff, boosting engagement and opportunities to provide good customer service.

Smart technology is constantly getting better. There are now more ways than ever to use this to your advantage. For business travelers, efficiency, convenience and having everything in one easily accessible place are high priorities. By enabling your business travelers to use their smartphones to take care of all their hotel admin tasks using an app like conichi, you’re providing great customer service and putting their priorities first. This could mean more returning customers or bigger spends. Use these tips to help you keep up with the most cutting edge hotel tech and let us help you provide a great business travel experience!