Smarthotel: What Are The Benefits For Hotels?

Other areas of our lives are already digitized. If you go to a cinema nowadays, it is possible to order a ticket online and skip long queues. 

Other areas of our lives are already digitized. If you go to a cinema nowadays, it is possible to order a ticket online and skip long queues. The same is true for airport check-ins. Hotels, on the other hand, still lag far behind cinemas and airports in terms of efficiency and digitization. Business travelers already expect hotels to increasingly offer digital processes. Due to the constantly increasing number of business trips, it is therefore important for hotels to adapt to this change. By using conichi Smarthotel services, hotels will be able to meet these needs.

Here is how hotels can benefit from being a certified Smarthotel:

Time savings

Processing hundreds of check-ins/outs during peak hours can be exhausting and it does not only negatively affect the satisfaction of employees but also of the guests. A study by Venegas has shown that traditional face-to-face check in at the front desk should take no more than 60-180 seconds, depending on the needs of the individual guest. For hotels which are on the higher end of the Check-in time estimate, this would mean that for every 20 guests that a property can transition to mobile Check-in, it will free up 1 hour of front desk productivity. Due to fully digitized and optimized processes, Smarthotel enables hotels to reduce the Check-in/out process to a couple of minutes. Smarthotel offers a fast Smart Check-in process which eases a load of employees as guests can check-in/out autonomously.

Waiting at hotels

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By 2030, Millennials are expected to become the most influential generation with the biggest buying power. As this group is born in the digital age, it is important for hotels to adapt to the need of Millennials for technology, in order to attract this profitable generation. By implementing Smart Check-in, intelligent payment and digital invoicing, hotels can successfully cater to these needs and differentiate themselves from the rest.

Millennials at Hotels

Secure payments

Dealing with cash can be quite a hassle as mistakes can happen easily and it cannot be tracked. With Smarthotel, hotels do not have to worry about wrongly processed payments anymore as Smarthotel guarantees correct payments which are GDPR and PCI compliant as well as a 150% pre-authorisation. Through our fully AI driven process hotels get a real-time overview of the money spent.

Improved visibility

Through the integration in major OBEs like HRS or Cytric, certified Smarthotels enjoy a higher ranking in corporate OBEs and can benefit from increased visibility.

Increased guest satisfaction

In order to satisfy the guests, it is important to know the guest. The more you know about the guest the easier to offer a tailored experience. With services like Smarthotel, the hotels receive pre-filled registration forms with the guest details like name, length of stay and preferences. With personalized and improved service, hotels can achieve increased guest satisfaction and therefore higher sales.

The need for optimized and modern processes is rising. Stay competitive and become a Smarthotel!