Luggage tips for your business travels

In this blog post, we want to provide you with advice that will prove to be very useful for your business trips.

If you regularly travel the world for work you have probably gotten used to “living out of a suitcase”. Nevertheless, you can apply some tricks when it comes to your luggage, with which your trips will become more comfortable. In this blog post, we want to provide you with advice that will prove to be very useful for your business trips.

Never check-in your luggage

It sounds trivial but it is probably one of the most important pieces of advice: Never, if possible, check-in your luggage. Almost nothing is as time-consuming at the airport than having to check-in bags. Moreover, luggage being lost on a trip still occurs far too often. All this leads to more stress, anger and a lot of waiting around. If you manage to fit everything you need into your hand luggage, you will avoid these issues. The key is to choose the right bag and content to take with you, as well as applying some packing tricks.

Keep luggage regulations in mind

Every airline has their own regulations in regards to size as bags needs to fit into the luggage compartment above the seat. Ideally, regularly inform yourself about the regulations of airlines that you fly with mostly and choose hand luggage that fulfils the requirements of all these carriers. Pick a trolley with wheels that lets you attach a laptop bag around the handle.

Reduce paper

Of course there are some things that you simply cannot leave at home. If you, however, manage to save a few kilograms, your travels will become far more comfortable. A particularly effective way to reduce weight is to take as little paper with you as possible. Instead, try and keep all your work-related documents digitally. You can apply the same measures when it comes to entertainment. Your iPad, Kindle or even smartphone provide endless room to store newspapers, magazines and books.

4 tips for clever packing

To wrap it up, we have a few tricks on how you can efficiently use the space in your bag.1. Roll up your clothes: It saves you space and you avoid creases.2. Place your belt inside your shirt’s collar: You save space and maintain your shirt’s form.3. Fill your shoes with socks: Empty space is wasted space.4. Store small items in zipper bags: In this way, items are not lost in between clothes and the see-through bags provide you with a good overviewWith all that advice, you will soon become an absolute packing pro. We hope that your next business trip will become more comfortable and stress-free.