Long distance flights - 5 tips for a relaxed trip

Long distance flights in business are nothing extraordinary these days. For many managers, they are a part of everyday life.

Long distance flights in business are nothing extraordinary these days. For many managers, they are a part of everyday life. The longest airline flight on this planet starts in Sydney and goes all the way to Dallas. If you are keen on such a particularly extensive trip in the air, the airline Quantas has this 17-hour route on offer. Even if your next long distance flight is not quite that extreme, such a trip can cause stress and exhaustion. Being locked up in a fairly small space with hundreds of strangers can be aggravating for business travellers.We have put together 5 valuable tips that you can use in order to have the most relaxing flight possible.

Book the right seat

If you have a seat next to the aisle, you can get up whenever you want without disturbing anyone. It's also good to stretch your legs. If you are flying with another person, it makes sense to book one seat on the aisle and one next to the window. Chances are pretty hight that the middle seat will stay empty. Make sure you check-in online, which most airlines offer 72 hours before your departure. Like this, you can choose whatever seat you like. If you are afraid of flying, you should sit further up front as turbulences are felt less.

Have healthy snacks

Food is also important if a flight takes many hours. Quite a few airlines nowadays offer tasty meals. If, however, you are disappointed, a healthy snack in your hand luggage comes in handy. It makes sense to prepare a brown bag lunch at home. Fresh fruit, a good sandwich and, of course, chocolate as food for the mind, will ensure that you aren't hungry during the flight.

Choose the right items for your hand luggage

A pillow enables you to have a more comfortable sleep during the flight. Meditation music can really help if you're having trouble sleeping. Earplugs and a sleeping mask help you switch off and find your inner calm. Taking cosmetic products with you is important too. You will feel better and look fresh when you're picked up from the airport.

Choose the right clothes to wear

Your flight will be far more comfortable in jogging pants and you can always put on your suit before you land. It is useful to bring a coat, thick socks and a scarf as it can get very cold on the plane.

Movement is important

You should try and stretch every few hours, even if your seat is comfortable. Start thinking about different exercises that you can carry out in a small space before the flight. In order to keep your circulation going, it is advisable to drink a lot of still mineral water.

Although you should definitely have a better trip if you follow these tips during your long distance flight, you should find out wether you can get an upgrade beforehand. Flying in Business Class will give you more room, better quality sleep, and good food for a relaxed flight, so you will be fully fit for all your appointments.