Is your hotel keeping up with the trends?

The hospitality industry needs to take into account the current trends which the industry faces and need to address issues and areas for improvement which arise with immediate effect.

For decades the hospitality industry has been in dire need of attention as it has, from a technological perspective, fallen behind the times especially when compared to other industries which have on the whole majorly adapted and embraced technological changes. The hospitality industry, particularly hotels, need to take into account the current trends which the industry faces and need to address issues and areas for improvement which arise with immediate effect.

Emergency Revamp Required

It is absolutely imperative that the industry allocates resources towards restructuring and reshaping its business model as a whole. It is clear that the industry has spent much time disregarding particular issues (digitalization) and threats (Airbnb) which have surfaced throughout the last few years. In order to embrace and combat these two elements respectively the industry needs to take on a new approach of dealing with things and this should most certainly be a technological one. It’s no wonder that Accor will have spent €225 million on its digital transformation by the year 2018!

A glass of the 2009 Napa Valley Chardonnay, please!

Personalization, personalization personalization. The hospitality industry has always treated personalization as a priority, however, times are changing and the way in which personalization is being addressed and the degree to which it is demanded will also increase dramatically throughout the coming years, especially considering the way those who constitute the market will change. It is time for stakeholders to realize that an extraordinary level of personalization indeed forms the very backbone of the hotel experience, now more than ever before.

Generation Y, The next generation

Within the foreseeable future millennials will indeed form a large part of the market actually outnumbering their predecessors: Generation X aka the Baby Boomers. It is imperative that hotels take into consideration that these are digitally enabled guests looking for practicality and efficiency by means of innovative technological solutions. This type of guest will place great emphasis and hold major expectations with regards to personalized services. In addition to this, it may very well be the case that hotels which provide such services will in fact be the “chosen brands” of the future.

Now Hiring: Digitally Enabled Employees

Obtaining access to technology available to the industry would be difficult and in effect useless unless those employed throughout the industry will be able to utilize and manage them effectively. Employing more technologically skilled employees would be a solid step forward in the right direction. Such employees will be able to use big data and technology in a way to enhance the overall experience for their guests, enhancing every stage of their stay. For perhaps the first time in history, this industry will be competing with other industries for the best talent. Beware!

Every Hotels Solution: The Hotel App

Taking these trends into consideration, introducing a simple all-in-one solution to the industry would seem appropriate. But does this really exist? conichi, a software application, directly targets each and every one of these trends and considers all the hindrances which may occur throughout the implementation process.conichi has recognized the importance of reshaping the hotel business model and suggests a major shift from traditional processes to more digitalized and technologically friendly procedures. The solution which is based upon an app works in combination with beacon technology and can be installed and used with the click of a few buttons!One of the core areas which conichi deals with is the aspect of personalization, it recognizes the current shift towards mobile personalization and the fact that it forms the very essence of the hotel experience. In fact, 46% of millennials say that they would be more motivated to return to a hotel if they were able to check-in and out using a mobile device. The fact that conichi is a technological solution and ultimately an app will more than please the majority of the hospitality target market: our precious millennials!

Additionally, conichi is aware that implementing a new system into your hotel is no easy task, but conichi allows its implementation to be quick (a couple of hours!), efficient and easy, but has also been created in a way which may be easily managed and used effectively by all employees- no tech data scientists required!Hoteliers, far and wide: put an end to tedious and daunting procedures of the past and let conichi be your hotel app, optimizing your internal processes and delighting every one of your guests, so they will want to return over and over again.

Trends based on the Grant Thornton Report (2015): Hotels 2020