What business travelers really expect from their hotel stay

Unlike leisure travelers, business travelers are a loyal and secure customer base for hotels with little volatility in terms of demand. 

Unlike leisure travelers, business travelers are a loyal and secure customer base for hotels with little volatility in terms of demand. Leisure travelers are unpredictable, their timings are irregular, their preferences change and their wishes are not easy to anticipate, compared to business travelers who mostly value efficiency and convenience.

So how can hotels attract this lucrative customer segment?

Easy Check-in/out process

Ryanair, Easyjet or Eurowings. There is no airline that does not offer online check-in. You go to the gate, show your ticket and passport and off you go. If you only carry hand luggage, the way to the check-in counter is a thing of the past.

The hotel stay is an essential part of the trip, so why does the hotel industry not offer online check-in and simplify the process for their guests like the airline industry does?

It is 8 o’clock in the morning, and like always, long queues are building up at the front desk. A scenario that every hotel has to face during peak hours and something that neither the guests nor the employees want to deal with. Travel digitalization is becoming more and more important for many companies. That is why hotels around the world need to start to pay attention to this emerging trend.

Due to fixed schedules, appointments and meetings, business travelers can sometimes be less patient. Therefore, it is necessary to offer a seamless and fast check-in process by offering a smart check-in. Additionally, hotels need to be flexible and give the possibility of an early check-in/out.

So what can hotels do to speed up the process? With solutions like conichi, business travelers can complete a pre-check-in before they arrive at the hotel. The hotel receives all the necessary information from the guest, enabling a pre-filled registration form. In addition, due to the possibility of mobile payment, the guests can carry out a smart check-out anytime and anywhere they want. If the guest is in a hurry and does not have time to wait - conichi allows them to check-out on their way to the airport. Not only will your guest save 15 minutes of valuable time but your employees will have more time for other things.


A survey conducted by Oracle Hospitality states that 64% of the U.S. hotel guests emphasized that it is “very or extremely important” for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience. It is an investment that every hotel has to consider making. Think of anything that a business traveler might need such as a plug for the laptop, a smart tv or a printer/scanner. Hotels that go an extra mile will benefit from loyal customers.

Mobile-friendly website

The world is constantly online and mobile. At the bus station, cafe, supermarket or even at home, wherever we are, we use our smartphones to search for information on the internet. People also increasingly use their phones to book hotel or flights. Therefore customers often get their first impression of the company through the mobile website. When was the last time when you searched for something on the internet via desktop? Studies by Google has shown that customers use their smartphones more frequently than the laptop for searches on the internet. For services like Holiday Check, TripAdvisor or booking.com, it is more comfortable to use our smartphone for research. As customer expectations rise, hotels need to provide a mobile website that has a booking engine integrated and translated content in various languages to attract as many people as possible.

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Pre-arranged transportation

As we all know business travelers have tight schedules. To save business travelers from wasting time, consider offering personalized and pre-arranged transportation, so guests can get to airports, meetings, and conferences. Additionally, hotels should provide public transport information.

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Personalize your communication

Nothing is more important than to know your guest. Who are the guests? What are the preferences and how long do they want to stay? All of this information will help hotels to offer a more tailored experience for the guest. By using services such as conichi, hotels are able to receive the pre-filled guest registration before they arrive.

These are only some tips that can help to attract business travelers to the hotel. If hotels follow the steps and implement the tips to their hotel, they will benefit from maximized bookings.