How does your future business trip look?

The travel industry is full of potential for digital optimisation. There are numerous little steps on every journey that can be made quicker and easier through the use of technology.

The travel industry is full of potential for digital optimisation. There are numerous little steps on every journey that can be made quicker and easier through the use of technology, leaving business travelers with more time for the important things. We’re looking forward to a future where stressing over cancelled flights and worrying about finding the time to do expenses will be distant memories. In this spirit, we thought we’d take a look into the future of business travel - which might be closer than we think, as a few great solutions are already emerging that will make your trip easier!

   1. Booking the trip

Forget travel agents. Online desktop and mobile bookings are on course for completely eclipsing this sector. Mobile transactions are increasing as more millennials become business travelers and as mobile booking tools get better and better. Big data is also here to help, so when you go to book your trip, the booking platform of your choice will already know your preferences. Want a 5 star hotel slightly further out of town? Already picked one out for you.Once you’ve booked your hotel, a timely pre-check in notification will be triggered. This process will allow you to fill out all the necessary information right from your smartphone. conichi has got this covered for you - all you need to do is fill out your info once in the app for the hotel registration form. This means no queuing at the front desk during peak times or filling out lengthy forms when all you want is to bellyflop onto the bed after a long day of travelling and working.

   2. On the way

Many airlines offer an app that lets you complete your flight check-in info and get your boarding pass on your phone - no printers necessary. This takes the stress out of having to set aside time to complete this process. Everyone hates the lengthy wait for bag drops to open and the ‘go to gate’ sign to flash up. Again, some airline apps let you see when this process will start so you can be there right on time rather than having to stand around in the airport for hours. In-flight wifi is increasingly becoming a must, rather than a bonus for business travelers. Even when you’re at 35,000 feet, there’s still something to be working on. You can collaborate on documents in real time thanks to Google Documents and Microsoft OneDrive so it’s all ready by the time you touch down. Your smartphone will let you know if there are any delays or cancellations to connecting flights and let you quickly re-book the next one using an app like Freebird.

   3. Arrival

So your connecting flight got delayed and you ordered a taxi or rental car? No problem. You will be able to quickly synchronise this information and adjust the timings right from your smartphone. An app like Kayak will also help you with navigating the airport and includes countdown timers to help you keep track of your itinerary. When you get close to your hotel, your hotel app will alert staff that you’re near so all you need to do is sign the form at check-in.  

   4. During your stay

In the future, hotel apps might include technology for altering settings in your room - so you can dim the lights or change the temperature from your phone. You’ll be able to interact directly with hotel staff right from the comfort of your smartphone - a service that some hotels have already started implementing.  

   5. Leaving

On leaving, you will be able to notify the hotel that you’re checking out and pay for everything via your smartphone in your room or in the taxi, no need to queue at the front desk. There are also tonnes of apps out there like Concur that will help you with expensing so setting aside valuable time to complete this process is becoming obsolete.While some of these technologies are due to arrive in the future, many are already available now. Business travel can be stressful, but this will soon be a thing of the past as the process becomes quicker and easier all the time. When thinking about digitalization within the travel industry, integration is an interesting idea: perhaps one day, all of the services needed to take travelers from the start of their journey to their destination will be integrated into one app. There’s a lot to look forward to. Let us help make your business trips seamless - find out more about the conichi app here.