Essential tips for your Swiss business trip

conichi has started working with Trafo Hotel, the first smarthotel in Switzerland!

conichi has started working with Trafo Hotel, the first smarthotel in Switzerland! Expanding our reach to innovative hotels in Switzerland, a country renowned for leading technology development, is an exciting new adventure. Keep these tips in mind for your next stay there.

  1. Making the best impression

The Swiss are known for being reserved and well organised so knowing the etiquette is especially important. Punctuality is key, especially in the German speaking parts of Switzerland. Aim to be five or ten minutes early, especially when meeting a customer. It is expected that you greet the customer or clients first before greeting any colleagues, as they are considered to be the most important person. Additionally, wait for your superiors to give you permission to use their first names! Dressing in a smart and businesslike way is very important for making a good impression on the Swiss. A friendly yet not too informal attitude also helps as meetings are usually conversational with Powerpoints being rare.

  1. Swiss experience

Keep in mind that Switzerland is an expensive country - eating out, getting drinks and taking cabs can quickly become very pricey, so you may want to consider your budget. A coffee at Starbucks typically costs around 8chf, while a 3km cab ride costs 11.23chf, more than in London or New York City! Luckily, public transport links are down to an exact science in Switzerland and it’s much cheaper. Be sure to sample some of the amazing local food on offer. Chocolate and cheese are some more obvious examples! Trafo Hotel is situated in Baden which has a rich and intriguing history and is surrounded by the beautiful Swiss countryside if you want a glimpse of Swiss culture during your stay.

  1. Staying stress-free

No need to worry about lengthy forms when arriving and leaving the hotel - we’ve got that covered for your stay at Trafo! Fill out your personal info in the conichi app during your flight or train journey before arriving. The hotel itself offers a fresh, modern atmosphere that is designed around the needs of the business customer - as well as a conference centre there is a wellness park and a 24hr food market. Personalising your stay is easy through the conichi app, too.

We look forward to working with this stunning Smarthotel and working towards providing this seamless experience in more hotels throughout Switzerland!

Download the app before your next stay.