The best apps for business travelers

Here are some of the most useful apps for frequent travelers that facilitate better organization and enable a more comfortable, stressless trip.

Here are some of the most useful apps for frequent travelers that facilitate better organization and enable a more comfortable, stressless trip.


TripIt (which is owned by Concur) is probably the best app to keep all your travel plans in one place. The app has all your trip information (flight schedules, hotel bookings, meeting information) easily accessible and also puts it in a calendar. All you have to do is send your email confirmations to TripIt and the application will organize the rest! You can also look for alternative flights when you need to rebook. Real time alerts will inform you about flight delays, gate changes or cancellations. And if this is not enough, TripIt also updates your points, miles and segments as long as you enter your reward-program info.


Source: TripIt


Are you not familiar with the place you are in? Don’t you worry about it, AroundMe will sort you out. Are you hungry and not sure where to go? Trying to find that bar nearby where you’re friends are? Desperately in need for some cash from the nearest ATM? AroundMe uses location services to list all spots of relevance in your vicinity and helps you find what you need: banks, hospitals, hotels, coffee shops, gas stations, bars, and much more. You can use the directions feature to get there without the fear of getting lost.


Source: AroundMe

Quest visual

A recent acquisition of Google, Word Lens scans texts that you come across in a foreign language and translate them into your native text. The app already supports most of the major European languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, English and Russian. You are in the middle of a business trip and are curious about the local headlines but have no knowledge of the language? Quest visual is your solution! Impress local business partners with your knowledge of what is happening in their country.


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This is the perfect companion for everyone who is constantly in the air! GateGuru summarizes your flight itinerary into a clean, beautiful interface. If you have GateGuru, you always know about any changes to your flight schedule instead of waiting at your gate in anticipation. The AirportCard will provide you with airport-specific info on amenities, maps, weather forecasts, tips and more.What’s also cool about this app is that it keeps stats on your travels: you can see how many hours you’ve spent at airports, in planes, and in other places. (On second thought, this might be a little depressing to see if you really fly ALOT).




When you are traveling outside your home country, you might not want to use roaming as it could be pretty costly. The app incorporates a finder that can show you to the nearest WiFi Hotspots in your area. This is provided for you on your GPS, so you don’t have to connect to the Internet to obtain this information.It boasts an extensive database with over 145,000 registered Hotspots across more than 140 countries in the iOS app, the Android version covers over 550,000 hotspots in the same countries. Wifimapper will also tell you in which facility the WIFI is located, such as a restaurant, coffee shop, library, hospital. And even more than that, it will also inform you if you have to pay to connect or not.


Source: Wifimapper