50 years of GBTA - Gain the momentum!

50 years of the Global Business Travel Association. 50 years of captivating encounters, inspiring speeches and unforgettable moments.

50 years of the Global Business Travel Association. 50 years of captivating encounters, inspiring speeches and unforgettable moments. For the 50th time, business travel professionals from all around the world gathered in San Diego to celebrate the anniversary of the largest business travel event and to discuss the latest innovations in the industry. GBTA is an event to learn about new business travel innovations and the challenges that come along with it.

Our favorite moments

It is no surprise, conichi had to be there. We wanted to be present at an event where issues were discussed and at the same time use this opportunity to share our solution of with corporates, hotels and business travelers. Our goal is to offer a service that reduces costs for business travelers and an experience that is as seamless as possible. This year, we shared a booth with our friends at Roadmap and Tripism which worked out well, as our service is directly integrated into their products. GBTA was a great success in maintaining existing relationships with customers, acquiring new US-and European based companies and strengthening our relationship with HRS US and other important American suppliers and partners.During more than 30 appointments from August 11 to August 15, we met with various managers from major companies such as Microsoft as well as smaller consultancy firms. Apart from that, we got the chance to talk to other businesses at GBTA’s events, like the big welcome evening, with over 7000 attendees, as well as at daily luncheons or the evening of the BTN Travel Manager of the Year Award at Marriott Coronado. Through five conichi demo appointments, we had the possibility to showcase our service to big European companies and develop our relationship with one of the most successful companies in the USA.GBTA hosted a handful of events and presentations to address important issues in the industry. A few highlights were created by one of the most successful American entrepreneurs, Kevin O’Leary who talked about transforming “adversity into opportunity” and the keynote by Billie Jean King about “Women in Business”.

Gain the momentum

This year’s theme was “Gain the momentum”. We live in a society where everything is fast-paced and where technology helps us to improve the corporate travel processes and efficiency. With the constant development in the industry, the expectations of travelers have been increasingly growing. Now, is the time that travel companies slowly realize the importance of digitizing the travel experience and integrate technology into their business processes.  We experience a shift from the realization that technology is crucial to compete in the industry to the actual start of the implementation. Especially the hotel industry is still in the early stages and takes time to adapt to the emerging trend. Thus, offering an ordinary stay is a thing of the past, as guests demand technological investments in hotels because of their experience in other industries. By choosing momentum as the theme, GBTA wanted to express this change and the readiness for the technology of companies. This is the right moment for businesses to effectively integrate technology and at the same time respond to the market demand for digitalization in the hospitality industry.


The industry is evolving fast. The first steps to becoming a technology-driven company are already given. Therefore, it is now the turn for businesses to take what is given and make it into valuable opportunities.With the 50th anniversary, GBTA set another milestone and gave business professionals a platform to share innovative practices through in-depth discussions and inspiring presentations by some of the greatest leaders in the industry. For us, GBTA 2018 was another big success that we are able to learn a lot from and bring our vision a step further in the right direction.