5 genius travel hacks for a smooth journey

Business travel isn’t always easy. Recent studies show it’s associated with higher stress levels and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Business travel isn’t always easy. Recent studies show it’s associated with higher stress levels and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Long-haul flights and busy airports can fill even the most experienced traveler with dread. If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably want to be doing everything you can to make your travel more bearable and make your trip more relaxing and productive - and not just by travelling first class. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make your next trip hassle-free.

    1. Go incognito

When shopping online, thou shalt ALWAYS use incognito mode. There’s a great reason behind this golden rule - its well known by now that your data from the websites you visit is tracked. You’ve seen the targeted ads pop up on Facebook and clicked through your recommended videos on YouTube. Websites also use your data to hike up the price on items you view multiple times. This includes hotel rooms and flights. Using incognito mode means you will always see the original price.

    2.  Keep it rolling

Pack smarter for your next trip. Rolling up your clothes in your suitcase will save you lots of space and mean you only need carry-on luggage. No more paying extra for hold items! Vacuum-packed or airtight bags are also amazing for this - they shrink all the space between items and make sure they don’t move around too much or get damaged in your case. This is also an easy way to compartmentalise your items so it’s easy to pack, unpack and find things in your bag. Perfect!

    3.  Tennis, anyone?

Brian Povinelli, Global Brand Leader for Westin and Le Meridien and experienced business traveler thinks you should bring a tennis ball on all your journeys. "It's great to roll under your feet and even under your thighs to keep you from getting stiff/sore. It's small, inexpensive and easy to replace." - if you don’t care what your fellow passengers think, this is a good alternative to a massage!

    4. Bargain hunt!

Rental cars can be expensive, but if you’re taking clients out it's important to look good. If the price they offer you first sounds outrageous, don’t give up. Haggling can work well as counter reps will rarely offer their best price first but usually have a variety of options.

    5. A white lie never hurts

Mark your bag as fragile whenever you travel and need to take hold baggage. This ensures not only that your luggage is handled properly, but also that your bag will be stored in the top of the hold and so it will be the first to come out, meaning you get to leave the airport even faster. So while we might not have all the answers to your business travel woes, we hope that these few tips will come in handy on your next trip!