4 ways to make the most out of your business trips

Here are four ways you can maximize enjoyment while travelling for work without spending additional time away from home.

If you don’t travel for work, you might think that business trips to different corners of the globe would provide you with lots of exciting and enviable adventures. However, if you are a frequent traveller, then you know that it sometimes can be anything but. Being on a tight schedule, a different time zone and time away from home can take its toll and business travellers might end up thinking of nothing other than the purpose of their trip. But those who enjoy the idea of ‘bleisure’ - a buzz word that stands for combining leisure and business - aim to make the most out of the spare time they have on a business trip to discover what their destination has to offer. So instead of suggesting how you can add on days to your trip to have some personal time, here are four ways you can maximize enjoyment while travelling for work without spending additional time away from home.

1. Plan ahead

No need to plan every detail, but it helps to inform yourself about the best spots, restaurants and things to see. Tripadvisor is a great way to get some inspiration with mostly trustworthy reviews. Then there is always the option of asking locals or even your business partners. Besides, showing interest in the local culture is a sign of respect.

2. Discover a place without having to spend loads of money

You don’t need to always pre-book or pay to discover and enjoy your business travel destination. Why not get up early to see the sunrise over an unfamiliar city, or take a stroll along a famous river or park? This can really give you an impression of the place and show you the local lifestyle. An added benefit is that these type of more 'relaxed' activities can reduce stress and make you more productive too. Basically a win-win situation.

3. Experience local food

Often, we catch ourselves sticking to the hotel restaurant or the familiar food chain, mostly out of laziness. There might be amazing local restaurants within walking distance from your hotel. Platforms such as Foursquare can be a great resource to discover popular spots or hidden gems. Try getting some advice from the hotel receptionist on nearby restaurants and local favourites. After all, experiencing the local culture and trying out local food is a major part of travelling.

4. Enjoy the weather

If you are lucky enough to travel to a destination where the weather is nice, make sure to take in some sun. Whether by the hotel pool, the nearest beach or simply strolling around town, the right amount of sunshine can lower blood pressure and improve your sleep quality. We all know business travel can be tiring and stressful - enjoying the weather can help reduce the negative side effects significantly.
If you find that work trips are taking their toll on you, make sure to incorporate some of the aforementioned tips and you might soon see that part of your job in a different light.