4 tips for hotels to catch millennials midair

Hotels globally are trying hard to find ways to attract millennials who represent a strongly growing generation of new travelers.

Hotels globally are trying hard to find ways to attract millennials who represent a strongly growing generation of new travelers. A study by Hipmunk shows that 44% of millennials prefer vacation rental accommodations over hotels.

What can hotels do to gain the attention of millennials?

Millennials also are known as Generation Y are people whose year of birth is between 1980 and mid-1990s. It is a generation that is invested in social and cultural issues, embrace technology like no other generation and are open-minded. It is expected that by 2030, this generation will earn a global aggregate income of four trillion dollars per year. This means millennials will be the largest consumer segment as well as a huge financial opportunity for corporates and therefore a crucial part of their strategy.

We present four ideas of how hotels can successfully attract this generation.

Fast processes
The internet with its unlimited amount of information has caused an increase in overall expectations in the life of millennials. They are constantly looking for new innovations that make processes easier to handle. Growing up in the digital age, today’s young business travelers are knowledgeable about the handling of technology leading to an increasing demand for faster processes. In order to create a better experience and fasten processes, hotels need to offer the possibility of Pre Check-ins using mobile devices provided by companies like conichi which enables pre-filled registration forms. Not only the guest saves valuable time but also the front desk staff. As travelers can use mobile payment, they can check-out wherever and whenever they want which is especially beneficial when you are in a rush.

Social Media
Compared to Gen X, GenY spends more than double the amount of time on social media per day making them the most active generation on the internet. As millennials use social media to record and share their experience, it plays an important role in travel. By being visible online and sharing relevant content that is authentic, emotional and socially aware regularly, hotels will be able to reach out to this group and trigger them with good content.

Millennials is the generation that spends the most time on social media

As millennials are the first generation to handle almost everything digitally, technology has become a huge part in their lives, causing companies across the world to adapt their services to the change of demand. Even during their travels millennials increasingly use technology to make their experience more seamless. Hence, we can notice a surge of hotels responding to that need and starting to implement in-room tablets or digital lighting systems. But change does not stop with room amenities. Hotels should take advantage of technologies and use them to optimize and automate processes. Nonetheless, implementing technologies does not mean replacing staff. Contrarily, guests and staff are supposed to profit from technology an improved and more personal hotel experience.

According to a study, 71% base their purchase decision on recommendations of their friends. Therefore, it is important for hotels to give guests various possibilities to review their experience and present the results on social media as well as to pay attention to online-reviews and reply to them appropriately.

The economic, cultural and social relevance of millennials cannot be denied. Gaining deeper insight into this age group will help hotels to avoid generalizations and eventually adapt their service to the rising demand for authenticity and innovation.